Andreas Seiler

SLU, Department of Ecology

Grimsö Wildlife Research Station 

730 91 Riddarhyttan, Sweden 

Phone +46 (0)581 697328

Mobile +46 (0)703 472643

Andreas Seiler has his PhD in wildlife biology from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in 2003. Andreas works at Grimsö Wildlife Research Station and the Swedish Biodiversity centre, both at the SLU. He studies various aspects concerning landscape fragmentation due to infrastructure, in particular, traffic mortality in wildlife, prevention of animal-vehicle collisions, mitigation of barrier effects on wildlife and traffic noise disturbance in birds. He has been involved in a number of follow-up studies and monitoring projects of new roads and railroads and works closely together with the Swedish Road and Rail Administrations on different ecological issues. Andreas is active in the Infra Eco Network Europe (IENE).

J-O Helldin

SLU, Swedish Biodiversity Centre

Box 7007,

750 07 Uppsala, Sweden

Phone +46 (0)18 672707

Mobile +46 (0)70 6075322

J-O Helldin is wildlife biologist, PhD. Much of his research has focussed on population dynamics in small and medium-sized carnivores, with a thesis on pine marten and a project on intra-guild predation. He also has been studying effects of roads and traffic on wildlife (road mortality, roads as barriers, and noise disturbance on birds). His research is conducted at Grimsö Wildlife Research Station, Department of Conservation Biology, SLU.

At the Swedish Biodiversity Centre, J-O Helldin works with the research school in biodiversity, and with development of future research programs.

Mattias Olsson

Project leader / Environmental planning

EnviroPlanning AB

Lilla Bommen 4b

411 04 Göteborg

Phone +46-(0)31-771 87 45

Mattias Olsson has a PhD in Biology. The main parts of the thesis are about the importance of wildlife crossings to reduce the negative effects of highways. After dissertation, Mattias conducted research about traffic safety measures for moose and wild boar. He works as a specialist in infrastructure projects in Sweden for both The Road Administration and The Railroad Administration. Mattias has a long experience running his own projects and has a large contact web in Sweden and internationally. His main expert knowledge is within conservation ecology, terrestrial ecology, GIS and wildlife research, and he has good experience of field inventories of wildlife.