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Andreas Seiler, 2011-02-27

Our research responds to some of these needs. As biologists, we produce new empirical data on the ecological effects of transport and traffic, develop methods for assessment and evaluation of possible consequences, and assist in developing effective mitigation measures and strategies.

Our studies concern traffic safety and animal-vehicle collisions, exclusion fencing and wildlife passages, road mortality and noise disturbances, landscape fragmentation, impact assessment, mitigation and monitoring.

Millions of birds and mammals are killed every year on Swedish roads and railways. Several hundred people get injured in deer-vehicle collisions. Exclusion fencing creates movement barriers to migratory moose in northern Sweden. Landscapes get more and more fragmented and quite, undisturbed areas shrink.

Clearly, the present infrastructure system with its growing traffic is not environmentally nor ecologically sustainable.

We need improved knowledge on the ecological impact of transport sector, on cause-effect relationships, critical thresholds and the efficacy of mitigation measures, among others, if we really want to meet the Swedish national environmental quality objectives. 

Photo: Göte Sörefall

Photo: J-O Helldin