This is a manually updated list of international reports, papers and documents on the topic of road ecology. PDF-documents for download are provided with kind permission from the authors or publishers. Please refer to the original location when citing these documents.

  1. BulletSjölund, Anders m fl. 2005. Vilda djur och infrastruktur: en handbok för åtgärder. - Vägverket. Publikation 2005:72. ISBN/ISSN 1401-9612

  2. BulletAskling, John m fl. 2006. Ryggradslösa djur och planering av infrastruktur: dagfjärilar som landskapsekologiska verktyg och modellorganismer. - Vägverket. Publikation 2006:144,  ISBN/ISSN 1401-9612

  3. BulletVägverket/Banverket 2005. Åtgärdsprogram för barriäreffekter av vägar och järnvägar - Vägverket. Publikation 2005:61. Banverket Miljösektionen, Rapport 2005:4, ISBN/ISSN 1401-9612

  4. BulletSeiler, Andreas. 2004. Vilda djur och infrastruktur - Resumé från den 2:a nordiska konferensen om vilda djur och infrastruktur. - Vägverket. Publikation 2004:61. Banverket. Publikation 2004:7 SM, ISBN/ISSN 1401-9612

  5. BulletWildlife and Traffic - A European Handbook for Identifying Conflicts and Designing Solutions.
    Iuell, B., Bekker, H., Cuperus, R., Dufek, J., Fry, G. L., Hicks, C., Hlavac, V., Keller, J., Le Marie Wandall, B., Rosell Pagès, C., Sangwine, T., Torslov, N. (editors) 2003. Prepared by COST 341 - Habitat Fragmentation due to Transportation Infrastructure. - Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Road and Hydraulic Engineering division. Download pdf.

  6. BulletCOST 341 - Habitat Fragmentation due to transportation infrastructure: The European Review. Trocmé, M., Cahill, S., De Vries, J. G., Farall, H., Folkeson, L., Fry, G. L., Hicks, C. and Peymen, J. 2003. - Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. Download pdf.

  7. Bullet COST 341 - Habitat Fragmentation due to transportation infrastructure: Final report (executive summary). Damarad, T. and Bekker, G.J., 2003. COST 341 - Habitat Fragmentation due to Transportation Infrastructure: Findings of the COST Action 341. Office for official publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg
    Download pdf.

  8. BulletEffects of disturbances on birds - review for the evaluation of impacts on Natura2000 sites and other areas.
    Helldin, J-O. (2004) Naturvårdsverkets rapport 91-620-5351-5 (in Swedish). Abstract.

  9. BulletThe toll of the automobile: Wildlife and roads in Sweden
    Seiler, A. (2003) abstract (89 kb) PhD thesis, SLU 2003; synopsis (852 kb) with abstracts of included papers or linked to electronic publication at SLU-website

  10. BulletEffects of infrastructure on nature
    Seiler, A. (2003) chapter 3 (3,4 MB) in "The European Review", COST-341 action on Habitat fragmentation due to Transport infrastructure 2003

  11. BulletRoad Ecology or Effects of roads and railroads on wildlife
    Seiler, A. (2001) Introductory essay (1,9 MB) at the SLU 2001

  12. BulletEcological effects of roads and railroads
    Seiler, A. (1996) Publication (1,5 MB) at the Swedish National Road Administration 1996, in Swedish