Research program (2009 - 2011) hosted by the Swedish Biodiversity Centre (CBM) on the impact of transport infrastructure on biodiversity: Impact, evaluation and mitigtion. Financed by the Swedish Transport Administration.

Triekol: Strategy for road fencing (ongoing)

The goal is to develop a strategy that can be applied to the planning of exclusion fences and other fauna mitigation measures along public roads in Sweden.
- Report on economic costs and benefits for fencing (expected for Maj 2011)

  1. -Report on strategy (expected for July 2011)

Trioekol: Quantifying the barrier effect of roads and railroads (ongoing)

Snowtracking reveals the barrier and disturbance effect of traffic on wildlife.

  1. -Presentation submitted to ICOET 2011

  2. -Scientific paper planned for autumn 2011


Integration of ecological and socio-cultural dimensions in transport infrastructure management (2006-2008). Research program on sustainable transport system funded by Swedish council for strategic environmental research (MISTRA), the Swedish Road Administration, The Swedish National Rail Administration, the National Heritage board, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Board of Fisheries and the Board of Housing.
- INCLUDE - short Info.pdf

  1. -INCLUDE final report (in Swedish!)

  2. -Biodiverse about INCLUDE


Effect of fencing the E4 on migratory moose ('Kalix-project') (2002-2006)

Effects of road fencing on migratory moose between Töre and Kalix, at the northern Baltic coast
Final report 2007-12-07.pdf (in Swedish)


High Coast-Project (1998-2001)

Follow-up study on the barrier effect of the new highway E4 on migratory moose in the High coast area , Sweden, during 1998-2001.


Road underpasses for wildlife? (1997-2009)

(Field inventories of the use of conventional road underpasses by wildlife)
- Final report presented at ICOET 2009 (Seiler & Olsson 2009.pdf)


Wildlife casualties on roads (1999-2001)

Inventories and field studies of road-killed mammals - see website (in Swedish)

- see report from questionnaire with drivers (Seiler,Helldin&Seiler2004.pdf)


Moose-vehicle collisions - spatial models (2000-2003)

(modeling wildlife casualties and traffic)
- see abstract on model (Seiler2005.pdf)


GIS-based analysis of wildlife casualties in Sweden (1985-1999)

(spatial factors influencing patterns and trends in wildlife-vehicle collisions)
- see paper on ungulate-vehicle collisions in Wildlife Biology (Seiler2004.pdf)


Road barrier effect on larger wildlife species (1998-2005)

(snow tracking study along roads to quantify the barrier impact)
- uncompleted project, report available by end of 2009


Project Ecoways (1998-2000)

(Evaluation of landscape fragmentation pattern caused by infrastructure)
- Ecoways1998.pdf ( 2.5 MB, in Swedish)


Highway 31 (1998-2001)

Study on disturbance and barrier effects of the Highway 31, prior and after construction
- Pre-construction phase: 1998-2001 (Helldin,Seiler,Jernelid_RV31-2001.pdf)
- Post-construction phase: road is not yet built


Ecological consideration in the planning of roads and railways (1994-96)

Literature review and handbook on the ecological planning of infrastructure.

  1. -Report (Eriksson,Skoog (eds)1996-opt.pdf)

  2. -Publication 1997 (Seiler&Eriksson1997.pdf)